Civil War Memorabilia & Images


We pride ourselves on our ever-changing selection of quality Civil War Memorabilia. Tokens, scrip, documents, Confederate Currency, and of course... images of those unforgettable souls who fought on both sides of that great and terrible conflict. Here are a few samplings from our archives of museum-quality memorabilia and images:




1/6th Plate Tintype- Union Soldier With Spencer Carbine, Sword & Pistol




 1/6th Plate Tintype- Union Soldier W/ Sharps Carbine, Sword, Pistol




1/4 Plate Outdoor Tintype- Mounted Union Cavalryman At Camp 



1/4 Plate Ambrotype- Union Cavalryman W/Guidon Flag



1/4 Plate Tintype-Staff Officers & Gen. Steiner At Sparrowsville, VA





1/4 Plate Tintype- Addison Cole, Bugler & 3 Comrades Of The 2nd NY Cavalry





Excellent 1/4 Plate Tintype- Standing Soldier Atop Lookout Mountain





Another Excellent Lookout Mountain 1/4 Plate Featuring 3 Soldiers









Scarce Landscape Format Portrait 1/4 Plate Tintype-

Union Officer W/ Fancy Hand-Painted Backdrop





Rare Occupational 1/6th Plate Outdoor Tintype- Farriers At Work





Unbelievably Crisp 1/4 Plate Tintype- Saddlemaker Plying His Trade 


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