Collectible Currency


 Our selection of currency is always changing and never disappoints. Take a look at these selections from our rare currency archives:


Trophy National Bank Notes


1882 $5 National Bank Note- First National Bank Of Bushnell, IL- Serial #1



1929 Type 1 $5 National Bank Note-First National Bank Of Mackinaw, IL- Serial #1





1929 Type 1 $5 National Bank Note- First National Bank Of Kewanee, IL- Serial #2




1929 Type 2 $5 Attached Consecutively Numbered Pair- First National Bank of Peirce City, MO





Series 1882 $20 National Bank Note- Peoria National Bank, Peoria, IL- Rare Bank!




1882 $5 National Bank Note- Illinois National Bank Of Peoria, IL




1882 $20 National Bank Note- German American National Bank of Peoria, IL




3 Different Peoria, IL Nationals From 3 Different Banks!




A Pair Of Large Size Nationals- 3rd National Bank Of Mt. Vernon, IL & First National Bank Of Lacon, IL



U.S. Type Currency




Series 1907 $5 Legal Tender Note- "Woodchopper Note"



Civil War Period First Issue 5 Cent Fractional Currency 





 Series 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note

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